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Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Yesterday I visited Rothenburg, a charming historic town near Nurnberg. The day started off slightly overcast and cloudy, so I assumed that it would be slightly chilly. Wrong! I had to step into a mall as soon as I got out of the car to by myself a tanktop. That was 4 euros well spent I'd say. Rothenburg is one of those places where you can take a photo of anything you see because everything looks interesting and different from Vancouver. It's very much like you'd picture the houses in fairytales to be. The only complaint I have is, well, YOU GERMANS HAVE TO CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOGS!!! I stepped in poop twice already. They just leave them there in the middle of the sidewalk for one poor tourist to step on whilst being distracted by all of the pretty houses. Kevin knows how I tend to walk around with my head in the clouds :) I think that, despite the picturesque scenery, my most memorable moment was either taking pictures of an old stairway or an old wagon. The lighting was just right and I spent ages photographing each one. I was also in awe of the busloads of Japanese tourists stopping by in the town. It's so popular that they actually have Japanese flags up everywhere. It's a good thing I visited in the early morning because by afternoon the streets were packed. One last thing worth mentioning is the horrible dessert I tried. It looked so scrumptious from the shop window, and I expected something soft and chewy. Wrong again. It was hard and stale and obviously a major tourist trap. I promptly threw it in the garbage. That should teach me to stop buying impulsively. All coating, no substance.