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Saturday, August 04, 2007
Day Three - Overkill
I woke up at 6 this morning despite having a very late night. I should try to sleep in because there isn't very much to do when everyone else isn't awake yet. Today Karina led me to more tourist destinations in Nurnberg and we covered most of tbe main attractions. We walked all afternoon in the blazing sun and even hiked up to the castle which is elevated and overlooks the rest of the city. My legs were screaming in pain by the end of the tour. Oh well, I never did say I was in very good shape. At least I got a few photographs out of it (by a few I mean very very many). Last night's visit to the pub was interesting. There were mixed sentences of German, English and French being thrown every which way. Unfortunately, nobody drank enough to do something really stupid. Ah, but there will be chances for that at the lake tomorrow.
But you can speak to the French girl in French, can't you?

I thought that all of the walking you and me do would have prepared you better for Germany.

Miss you~
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