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Monday, August 13, 2007
The first thing I noticed about Berlin was that it is completely different from Nurnberg, which is very charming and very very clean. In contrast, Berlin was gritty, wet (but that was due to the weather) and quite stuffy. On our first day in the city we visited the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and Postdamer Platz with the Sony Center. I went crazy with the night shots. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any good pictures of the Reichstag so I'm not posting those. The second day we went to Alexanderplatz in Mitte to see the Fernsehturm and then we walked towards the Berliner Dom and saw Neptune's fountain on the way. There were also many Romanian street children playing the accordion... The inside of the Berliner Dom was AMAZING but climbing up to the top of the roof was definitely NOT so. The view was worth it however. I realize that I'm very out of shape. I get very cranky when I'm exhausted. What else hmm... the Lustgarten, Rotes Rathaus... many places. That evening I wanted to go clubbing, but Chromeo was playing very late in a sketchy district of the city and I didn't feel up to taking the night bus back to the hotel and not getting any sleep. We went to an indy club called Bang Bang instead. The band started way too late. They should be more considerate of their audience. The third day we went to see the East Side Gallery (one of my favourite sites, you can probably tell from the massive amount of photos) and Checkpoint Charlie. We ended the day with a good round of shopping in Kurf├╝rstendamm. Right after Berlin, with no time to rest, Karina took me to two birthday parties. We got home at 3 in the morning, all too happy. Last night I went to a folk festival in a suburb of Nurnberg, and I'm taking the day off today because my poor body can only take so much abuse. Next weekend is Amsterdam!
I guess Nurnberg is the place to stay! Also, according to my weather widget, there are thunder storms today. Make sure you get some neat pictures!

You get cranky? I've never seen you cranky~
I try not to be. I don't like the person I turn into when cranky.
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